Bunny Parkour

Summary: Final project for an introdutory graphics course. Uses many of the themes taught in the course such as 3D model loading, shading, texture mapping, directional lighting, collision detection, and camera calculations. The Stanford bunny was a reoccuring theme in the class, so I felt it necessary to include it in my project. I dedicated a large portion of time teaching myself collision detection because of how exciting the project was. I spent three weeks crafting this game and it was voted the #1 best project among my class.

Role: Main Programmer

Technologies: C++, OpenGL/GLUT


Summary: A game that was created in a ten week long graphics course completed by six members. The project is composed of many technologies such as animation, sound, shading, shadows, cell shading, and a physics engine. More details can be found here.

Role: Group Leader, Level Editor/Builder, UI Builder

Technologies: C++, OpenGL/GLFW